Labor and Delivery in Las Vegas That Welcomes New Life With Love

At our birthing centers, you’re not just another patient. When a pregnant mother chooses to bring her little one into the world at our San Martín Hospital, we’ll treat you like you’re a part of our family.

With comfortable, family-centered birthing suites and a range of delivery options, we help you feel right at home. In addition, our OBs and specialists cultivate a labor of love and will ensure you and your baby get the best care possible before and after birth.

Preparing for Your Hospital Stay

As you get ready to welcome your little one, there are a few things you need to prepare for the big day. Here’s what you need to know about getting ready for your stay at our San Martín Birth Center.

L&D Services in Las Vegas Designed to Give You Options

A Cesarean section, commonly known as a C-section, is surgery in which a doctor makes an incision in your abdomen and womb to deliver your baby.

Your doctor may recommend a C-section if they determine it is a safer delivery option for you, your baby, or both. If you’re a good candidate for a C-section, your doctor will go over what to expect and give you everything you need to be prepared.

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We’re always there for you at our San Martín Hospital, and we have laborists available 24/7 to deal with pregnancy emergencies and handle urgent deliveries until your doctor arrives.

Laborists help by:

  • Responding immediately to obstetric emergencies
  • Offering complete care for women during labor, delivery, and postpartum
  • Giving temporary care until a woman’s regular doctor arrives
  • Assisting in the delivery of multiple babies (twins, triplets, etc.) and C-sections
  • Aiding on-call obstetricians

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At San Martín Hospital, we want you to be as comfortable as possible during childbirth, so we give you plenty of delivery options. For example, you can get an epidural, which is anesthesia inserted into your spine to numb the lower half of your body to relieve discomfort during childbirth.

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If you’ve had a C-section during a previous pregnancy, we still give you the opportunity to have a vaginal birth (VBAC). Your OB will go over all of your delivery options with you, and they can let you know if you’re a good candidate for a VBAC. 

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We strive to provide mothers with plenty of birth options, and we’re proud to be the first in Nevada to offer nitrous oxide during childbirth. Nitrous oxide, commonly referred to as laughing gas, is a non-opioid pain relief option that usually takes effect within seconds and offers immediate relief of pain and anxiety.

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Feel Right at Home With Spacious Delivery Suites at San Martín Hospital

Our private delivery suites are furnished with fully adjustable birthing beds, private bathrooms with showers, televisions, and fold-out-beds or reclining chairs for significant others. Moms who deliver with us never have to change rooms. And our state-of-the-art security system protects you and your baby night and day. 

Amenities at our San Martín Hospital include:

  • Around-the-clock, in-room care for your newborn 
  • Complete lactation support team of consultants and counselors 
  • Wireless fetal monitors that give you freedom to move around
  • Visiting privileges for the entire family 
  • Celebratory dinner for Mom and Dad
  • A delicious Bundtlet from Nothing Bundt Cakes

Words From Moms Who Delivered With Us

Choosing Your Birth Plan

At San Martín Hospital, we’re proud to offer a variety of labor and delivery options so each mom can feel comfortable with her birth experience. As you’re planning to welcome your little one, download our Birth Plan Guide to easily share your preferences with your labor support team.

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Capture Priceless Moments with Photos of Your Newborn

Few things are as special as giving birth, so we offer complimentary newborn photo shoots through Bella Baby Photography.

Bella Baby brings an experienced, professional photographer right to your hospital room to capture your little one’s first moments, and there’s no obligation to purchase.

Postnatal Care

Your baby’s first moments are critical for their health, so our team of postnatal specialists will help your baby stay healthy from the moment they enter this world to six weeks after birth. For example, we ensure your little one gets exceptional post delivery care like a skin-to-skin bonding hour immediately after birth.

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Interested in Exploring Our San Martín Birth Center?

We understand that you have options when choosing a doctor and hospital for your pregnancy journey, so we’d love to show you around our San Martín Hospital and answer any of your questions. Together, we can help you figure out if we’re the right fit.

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